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Youth Accessories

Belts & Buckles, Sporrans & Sporran Chains

Braemar Tweed KiltJacket and Vest - The colors are your choice of charcoal, light gray, or Lomond blue.
It is sized to 38-52 inch chest in small, medium or large.  Very good for durability and excellent for outdoors or your trip to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England or elsewhere.  Comes in charcoal, Lomond Blue, or light gray.
Extra fee for largest sizes.
Also available is the Argyll Tweed jacket with vest in Highland Green, or
Charcoal.  5 button vest on both styles.
For Kids jacket in charcoal check with us 888-434-5800.  MADE TO MEASURE.

Child’s Dress Sporran (EMSF-1012) - With white rabbit front and black fur tassels (no pouch).

Wee Sporran Black Leather (#MSL-1027) - For ages 3 to 6.

Child’s Kilt Belt - 1 3/4" Wide - Black leather.

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