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Scottish highlandwear refers to the traditional dress of Scotland. There are several different styles of the Scottish highlandwear ranging from casual to full formal outfits.

Gent's Highlandwear

Casual Highlandwear usually consists of a kilt, jacobite shirt, belt and buckle, sporran, kilt pin, and kilt hose. There are also many optional accessories available to enhance your look.

Semi-Formal attire is slightly more dressy than the casual look. Typically, this look consists of a kilt, belt and buckle, sporran, kilt shirt, argyle jacket, ghillie brogues (those are traditional Scottish shoes), kilt hose, kilt pin, and flashes.

Full Formal look generally consists of kilt, belt and buckle, a fancy sporran, kilt shirt, Prince Charlie jacket, kilt hose, flashes, ghillie brogues, and a fly plaid.

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