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Celtic Kilt Pins

Irish Kilt Pin or Brooch (Shamrock)

Celtic Cross sword (C-FKP11A) - Celtic crosses have a surrounding ring and were used throughout in medieval Britaiin, especially  those called Celtic Christianity--SCotland, Ireland, Northumbria Cornwall and the West Country.
Pewter with antique silver finish.
Worn on front of kilt or skirt front as a weight to hold dress down if windy.  Also as a decorative item.

Welsh Daffodil (C-FKP23A) - The Welsh national symbol.  A flower that blooms in the Spring.  
Worn on skirt, kilt, blouse or vest.

Thistles (C-FKP12A)

Celtic Birds of Prey (C-FKP20A).jpg - The Book of Kells is the finest piece of Art from the Early Middle Ages.  Starting in Scotland on Iona Island and toward the Kells in Ireland.  
A magnificent work of beauty was made around 800 during tte times of the Viking raids.  An interlaced bird of prey.
Pewter with antique silver finish worn on fringed line of kilt.
Size 9.8 cm long.

The Lion Rampant (C-FKPLIONA) - The Lion Rampant is a Scottish symbol of the Monarchs starting in the 1220s.  It is a heraldic term for a beast standing on its hind legs, with raised claws, poised and ready to strike.  It means courage, bravery and ferocity of the Scots.
Size 7 cm long.

Celtic Thistle Kilt Pin (C-CKS44).jpg

Kilt Pin Masonic Crest (C-KP508).jpg - Used by the Masons.  Has a Masonic square and compassed with a sword behind this scrolled compass.
Length 9 cm

Welsh Dragon Money Clip

Antler Kilt Pin with Horn Cap (None).jpg

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