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Tartan Fabric Yardage

Ribbons, Fabrics

13 oz. Worsted Wool Texas Blue Bonnet District Tartan cloth - Official tartan of the State of Texas as declared by the Texas State Legislature. "Scotland Forever" has exclusive license rights to weave the fabric in any fiber, tailor and produce products.
Royalty fees are paid to copyright owner.
Sashes, scarfs, ties bowties and fabric in stock.

16oz Heavy Weight "Strome" - PRICED PER YARD - 54" double width Scottish Worsted Wool.

13 oz Medium Weight (Kilts) - PRICED PER YARD - Scottish Worsted Wool - 54" wide.

10 oz Light Weight (For Skirts, Vests, Tablecloths, etc) - PRICED PER YARD - Scottish worsted wool - 59" wide.

Tartan 11 oz. twill in 65% polyester/ 35% viscose rayon - 11 oz. 65% polyester/35% rayon twill with "nanosphere" finish to resist stains and help in minor clean ups. All made in Scotland
Very nice weight and feel. Used in Scoltand for school uniforms as well as for sport kilts, skirts, tablecloths, childrens shorts, curtains, etc.


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