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Ladies' Highlandwear

Skirts, Vests

Lady's Hostess Skirt (T-KCMRL04) - Measure waist firmly.
Measure hips firmly.
Measure tummy and give in inches.
Standard 6 weeks but may be expedited if needed.  Get that lovely long sash to complement your look and wear with a vest and a white lacy blouse or a sweater.  The kilt pin and the brooch for the sash should complete the look.  Look at the jewelry for a pair of earrings!

Lady's Gathered Skirt (Code is "gathered skirt") - Fully gathered all around the body. Use and 11 oz or a 13 oz.  An 11 oz will be lighter and cooler. Measure from waist on the side down to the ankle.  It should not drag on the floor. Can add pockets if desired.  May wish to ake of the Light or Dark TexasBluebonnet 13 oz light and 16 oz dark.

Ladies\"Kilted Skirt\" Wool (T-KMCTL02) - Measuring advice:
-Waist measure firmly around waist at navel height
-Seat measure firmly around the largest part of the seat area
-If you have a tummy larger than your waist be sure and add that in inches.

Ladies" Mini Kilt (T-KCMTL01) - Need wool fabric.
Measure Waist firmly
Seat firmly
Kilt Length--standard is no shorter than 16 inches.
2-4 weeks if expedited.

Ladies Kilted Skirt Poly (T-KCMTL02B) - Ladies poly 11 oz. kilted skirts are custom made to ensure fit. Pleats are around the side and rear. The front apron overlaps the underlying tartan material. 
This fabric is durable and lies straight and is good for hiking or everyday wear.

Lassie'sTartan Vest - Use a lighter weight tartan such as 10 to 11 oz.  Made for men or women.  Has a black back.  If want full tartan all around then let me know and we will have that made just for you!
Need height, bust or chest, and waist.  Add 2 inches to length from nape of neck down to waist in back.  This allows for you to raise your arms to dance or play an instrument and still look long enough for you.
Made in size 36 to 54 inches chest or bust.

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