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Gents Brooches & Kilt pins

U.S. Marine Kilt Pin - Has insignia in goldplate and sword in art pewter. Can order complimentary matching U.S. Marine Badge.  Very well made and looks great on the military U.S. Marine!

The National Flower of Scotland in a Ring Brooch (C-CKE77).jpg - A ring of thistles equals the national flower of Scotland.  This brooch is lovely in its repetitive thistles.  It became a symbol during the time of James III, Representing the hardy qualities of the Scottish landscape and its people.  The 8 thistles represent t he 8 regions of Scotland.
Either a silver or antique look.  W58mm x H58mm

Pictish Rogart Brooch C-CKE95.jpg - A take-off from the ancient penannular brooches found among Viking items in Rogart, Sutherland far north Scotland.  This style comes from the 8th century and was discovered in 1868. The original is stored in the National Museum of Scotland.
Designed with lots of scrollwork and two fine stones.
Choice of pewter or silver look.  Gemstone of your choice.
W68.5mm x H66.5mm.  Hand cast in Glasgow.

Modernistic Thistle Pin S3-ANT.jpg - An attractive Thistle Pin that can go from a lapel pin for men or women to a pin used to wear your clan scarf.

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