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Sgian Dubhs & Dirks

Highland Dirk (2) - The Highland Dirk or Biodag is a ceremonial weapon used mostly for formal outfits and by officers, drummers and pipers.  It was originally an all purpose for everyday use by the Highlander, especially when hunting.  Oaths were sworn on a Dirk and this led to the dirks adoption as a ceremonial sword on special occasions.
Size 48cm long, 4.5cm at widest, blade 30cm long.  Thistle design along blade.  Attachment for a 2.5 inch Kilt Belt.

The Officer Sgian Dubh C-SD6 -508.jpg New Officer w/Masonic Crest - First recorded as use during Crimean War of 1853 to 1856.  Offficers of the Highland Regiments commissioned these tools with corkscrews and hoof picks to help them in day-to day camp life.  After the First World War the practice died out when kilts were no longer worn.  Made of stainless steel with ebony handle. The hoof pick was replaced with a screwdriver and bottle opener.

Clan Crest or Masonic Sgian Dhub C-SD3 Clan Crest in Box.jpg - Choice of Thistle or Celtic Knotwork with choice of stone color to
267 Crests Available.  Make your selection.
Crafted of the highest standard.  The stone is gold foil backed multi facet cut and bezelled rather than a claw feet.  Lowland and Borders names.  Can be found in the 3rd edition of the Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia.  Contact us to purcase this edition.

PLAIN HANDLE SGIAN DUBH (C-SD5WOOD) - Fine quality Turned wood Sgian Dubh with steel blade and braided leather sheaf.
Can be engravedl if you wish.  Comes in a nice box.

Stag Handle Sgian Dubh( C-SD5STAG) -  Staghorn, Celtic design on leather scabbard.  Made from Scottish deer horns.
Black trim.

Sgian Dubh w/ thistle handle and top stone (C-SD1) - Traditional full 4 piece thistle handled knife with stone top and stainless steel blade.  Developed from short utility knife much favoured by Highlanders.
Supplied in attractive presentation box.  Choice of 6 colors on top stone.

SD13 - Sgian BREW in Box C-SD12 - Blade has serrated edge and a bottle "BREW" opener.  This opener is disguised as a Sgian Dubh the perfect highlandwear accessory.  In celtic or thistle metalwork and stainless steel blade and fance stone top coming in one of 6 colors.
Comes in a Sgian Brew in Box.jpg

Safety Sgian Dubh w/o blade (C-SDSAFE) - One piece safety Sgian Dubh in traditional designs both circular and knotwork.  
They really do look good and work nicely for travel or when you do not prefer the blade.

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