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Luckenbooth Brooch a distinctive Scottish jewelry E2.jpg - Luckenbooth brooches are distinctly Scottish jewelry.  They are named for the trading booth along the Royal Mile in Scotland.  It is a love token, often given on betrothal or at marriage.  The groom traditionally will give the bride both the brooch and the tartan sash, which she can wear on her wedding day.
These are also often given to a lady for special occasions such as birthday or anniversary.

Plaid Brooch National Welsh Dragon C-PLBRDRAG - The national symbol of Wales, the dragon is an early symbol as early as year of 829.  The King attemps to build a castle and it does not work until the boy Merlin reveals that 2 dragons are fighting below ground, one red and one white.  Once freed from the ground the red dragons triumph.  This meant that it would foretell the victory of the Britons over the Anglo-Saxons.  A real collectors item or makes an excellent gift.  Great 3-D detail.
Size 88 mm x 60 mm tall.  Great with the men's fly plaids or as a cap badge. 100% lead free.  Solid pewter.

Double-hearted with scroll work and a center stone C-BRLB02 - The Luckenbooth brooch is a love token, often given on betrothal or a marriage.
In a nice presentation box making it even nicer looking.  Traditionally the groom gives one to his bride along with a clan tartan sash or scarf which may be worn at the wedding if desired.  You can also use the sash for the old fashioned idea where the minister wraps the sash around both your hands and declares you "man and wife".

Thistle Trio Brooch with stones C-CKS35 - A modernistic vision of the Scottish thistles which are the national flower.
Quite exquisite with an array of stones in various colors and boxed for easy presentation.  Easy to wear with a top on the collar or holding your tartan sash.
W39mm x H49mm

The National Flower of Scotland in a Ring Brooch (C-CKE77).jpg - A ring of thistles equals the national flower of Scotland.  This brooch is lovely in its repetitive thistles.  It became a symbol during the time of James III, Representing the hardy qualities of the Scottish landscape and its people.  The 8 thistles represent t he 8 regions of Scotland.
Either a silver or antique look.  W58mm x H58mm

Thistle with leaves and centered stone of choice (C-CKS44).jpn - Used primarily as the kilt pin which is used on the kilt or kilt skirt to wear along the fringed line of the outfit.  You may selct from the color of your choice for the nice centered stone.
The national symbol of Scotland beginning in Renaissance period.  Important decorative motic throught the country aconsidered picturesque and handy plant on hte landscape and worn by people.
Silver plated  pewter.  Highly polished silver or matte silver.
W 21mm x H93.5mm.  Select stone of your choice.

Luckenbooth in an Eye-Catching Thistle Flowers and Stems with Cabochan Amethysts (#S71)

Modernistic Thistle Pin S3-ANT.jpg - An attractive Thistle Pin that can go from a lapel pin for men or women to a pin used to wear your clan scarf.

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