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Piper's Plaids

Piper's Full Mess Plaid - This is a beautiful plaid which fully completes the look for the bagpiper. It is usually worn with the full piper jacket and kilt.  It helps to know your height, your waist and your chest to make it to the proper size. These come with the purled look where the ends are rolled and tied, making for a truly beautiful effect.  It is folded across the chest and when wrapped properly will be held in place with a large, heavy brooch.  There are a number of these brooches to allow you to make your personal selection.
Consider the Texas Bluebonnet Dark for your outfit.  It has darker blues than the regular Texas Bluebonnet Light.  Both are equally lovely.  So you may have several choices such as a State tartan, a District tartan, a County tartan, or any family Name tartan.

Marching Band Plaid - Edges rolled and tied.

Purled Fringe Fly Plaid - 40"x40" rolled and perled fringe on 4 edges.  This purling gives a more polished look due to being rolled and tied so that the purling stays in place.  The swing as you walk adds an additional touch to your outstanding outfit! Plus you get to wear one of the outstanding brooches made especially for plaids.

Regular Fly Plaid - 40"x40" straight fringe on 4 edges. 
10 oz.  $129 and up.  All weights based on mill fabric choice
13 oz. $250 and up
16 oz. $275 and up

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