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Sporrans & Sporran Chains

Dress Sporran of Stag Pewter on Black Bovine (SGT23) - Outstanding sporran with a modern style STAG and natural bovine
fur.  Has extended antlers wound around.
Three of the metal tassels on fur hanging separately.  Natural Bovine Fur. Makes an astoninging handsome addition that enhances the kilt.  Select the fur for what blends in with the tartan colors!! (See below sporran).  A GREAT BUY!!

Dress Sporran in Stag w/Black Leather Sporran (SGT23BLEAACC) - Outstanding modernistic look with black fur and pewter top of a STAG with giant antlers.  The same as above but black instead of natural color.

Sporran For Day or Evening Wear (L-SGT24) Black -  
Silver pattern top in Highland Thistle.  3 metal tassels.  Is a modern look in the thistle which allows the design to stand out very well.  Could be worn with other thistle items like a kilt pin, a plaid brooch, or a thistle belt.

Highland Saltire -Black Enamel (L-SGT25BLE) - Very handsome cantle top of the highland saltire which is a celtic style cross with an enamel backdrop.

Dress Sporran Natural Bovine - Dress gray color of bovine w tassels

Semi Dress Masonic Crest ((SSD06) - Black Leather Masonic Badge with embosssed flap and 3 Metal tassels on black fur.

Day Black Leather Embossed Sporran (SDY06) - Celtic Wing Studded Black Sporran with 3 braided tassels

Semi-Dress Black Bovine Sporran (SSD13) - Semi-Dress Black with full stud Celtic Cross on flap and 3 metal tassels.

Day Black Sporran with Metal Tassels (SDY04) - A Black Day Sporran with Embossing and 3 Metal Tassels.

Semi-Dress Lighter Bovine Sporran (SSD17) - Plain Black leather flap with ligher shade bovine front and  metal tassels with bovine attached.

Semi-Formal Basic Sporran(SSD18) - Semi-formal black bovine fur front with plain snap flap and 3 braided leather tassels.

Black Leather Pouch Wallet (NEED #) - Fits on any waist belt.

Black Leather Strap (L-SPCH01 Black Leather) Under 50 inches - Black leather strap for the sporran 

Brown Sporran Strap (L-SPCHO1Brown Leather) under 50 inches - Brown leather chain strap.

Horsehair with Heavily Thistled Metal Cantle (#MSH-1002A)


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