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Belts & Buckles

Solid Pewter Handcast Scottish Thistle Belt Buckle - Special thistle is patterned after the $80,000 solid gold Collar that was created for Scotland's Lord Lyon, King of Arms.  You own tartan shows through the pewter filigree.  Its size and structure even lengthens belts by over one inch in pewter.

THE CELTIC KNOT KILT BUCKLE - Knots upon knots.  This solid pewter piece is wrapped with flawless knotting you can trace with your finger and never find the end.  Another layer of knotting surfaces on top of that one.  In the center is a St. Andrew's Cross, making a sophisticated piece for a great price!

DOUBLE LIONS KILT BUCKLE - These two Rampant Lions among surrounding thistles are also the logo of the Rocky Mountain SCotish Athletes.  They travel to Highland Games helping teach, organize and promote their sport.  Known as aggressive competitors.  This buckle is very popular and honors those men and women.

Celtic Embossed-Buckle and Strap Fitting (L-BT08) - Leather Kilt Belt with embossed Celtic motif. 2.25 inch width to match range of Belt Buckles to be purchased separately.

Kilt Belt Only -2 1/4" Wide (L-BT02) - Black leather with velcro fastener.
List waist.

Thistle Buckle (C-BBTH03) - The thistle is the national symbol for Scotland.  It represents the strength of the people and the landscape.

Pewter belt with celtic design - In a nice presentation box making it even nicer looking.  

Black Kilt Belt with Velcro Fastener (L-BT01) - 2 1/4" wide Black leather belt with adjustable velcro fastener.  Has grained look on belt. A selection of buckles purchased separately.
Need waist.  For waist above 48 inches add $10.
Small 28 to 34 inches
Medium 32 to 38 inches
Large 34 to 44 inches
XL 42 to 48 inches
XXL 49-60 inches
2XL 46 to 54 inches and 3XL 52 to 58 inches

Iverurie Kilt Buckle-Rectangular (BBCIN01) - Pewter.  Design from 7th century Pictish carved stone that is in Inverurie Kirkyard. Abdereenshire.  102 x 7 cm.

Black Kilt Belt 2.25 inches wide (L-BT07) - Purchased separately.  Has a 2.25 inch width with a buckle and strap fittiing for all sizes.  Can be purchased in Brown as well.

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