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Tartan 11 oz. twill in 65% polyester/ 35% viscose rayon


11 oz. 65% polyester/35% rayon twill with finish to resist stains and in minor clean ups. All made in Scotland w/nice feel for kilts, skirts, tablecloths.


Available in only 120 tartans. Other tartans can be made to order at various prices depending on the total yardage. Texas Bluebonnet stocked.  Otherwise takes 10-12 weeksl


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11.5 oz. per yard 65% Polyester/35% Rayon Twill with Teflon Finish - 11.5oz per yard, 60" wide Polyester/Viscose Rayon Twill with Teflon Finish - You can click to view all of these fabric swatches

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