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Authentic Texas Bluebonnet District tartan made in Scotland from 13oz worsted wool and 11 oz twill 65% polyester & 35% rayon with teflon finish for spot cleaning and easy hand cleaning. 

Gent's Kilt (8-Yard) - 13oz Texas Blue Bonnet District Tartan (No photo)


As with all our kilts, this garment is Made in Scotland by trained kilt makers, with the canvas lined waistband, 2 wide belt loops and 3 leather strap with buckles to ensure an excellent fit. Back is tapered to the pleats to your measurements.

(Can be procesed for you in the 16 oz, weight if desired.  Approximately $575.  Call and check for price when ordering.) We have a new deeper, darker color in the Bluebonnet, called the Texas Bluebonnet Dark.  It is very sharp looking and we can have that made for you.

Hips up to 44 inches are priced at $555, Add $40 per every 4 additional inches.

This is the official state of Texas registered tartan in outstanding shades of the Texas Bluebonnet flower.  Blues for the blue in the flower. and white, red and yellow for the tips of the flowers.  We stock scarfs, sashes, ties, and yardage.  You can order both the kilt and the plaid and wear kilt for casual wear and add the plaid and brooch for dressy occasions.  Add matching flashes and your tartan is complete.  You can get the standard celtic shirts, the hose, the brooch, the kilt pin, the ghillie shoes (add cummerbund set for Burns Night).  We are proud to offer you this Texas tartan that only we make and will gladly help you with measurments or answer any questions you have!  This is our most popular tartan especially for dress and weddings.

Stock Status: Custom Made to Order in Scotland

Delivery Time Normally Required: 4-6 weeks

Measurements & Other Details Required:
Height, in inches
Kilt waist, in inches

Measure around navel, NOT pant waist. Traditional kilts are worn high to allow pleats to hang properly.

Seat (around seat)

This allows the kilt waist to be tapered to the beginning of the pleats to hang properly.

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