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13 oz. Worsted Wool Texas Blue Bonnet District Tartan cloth


Official tartan of the State of Texas as declared by the Texas State Legislature. "Scotland Forever" has exclusive license rights to weave the fabric in any fiber, tailor and produce products.

Royalty fees are paid to copyright owner.

Sashes, scarfs, ties bowties and fabric in stock.

This tartan reflects the colors of the offficial State of Texas Bluebonnet flower--blues, white, yellow and red tips. It is made in 13 oz, and made to order in 15 oz.  We keep scarfs, sashes, poly fabric, bowties, and men's ties in stock for your immediate needs!

If you are interested we have what we call the DARK TEXAS BLUEBONNET tartan which is the same as the lighter, regular tartan.  The only difference is darker shades of blue.  A fantastic lookiing fabric!  Makes great kilts and plaids.

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13 oz. per yard Fine Scottish Worsted Wool - 13 oz. per yard Tartans 54" to 59" wide - You can click to view all of these fabric swatches

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